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Triboelectric filtration (mask)

The Ultimate Performance-Resistance Ratio

Our great mastery of filtration media manufacturing processes from non-woven fabrics, combined with the use of electrostatic filtration, have led to the development of patented products under the Tribo brand. Recognized throughout the world, these products provide superior performance and little restriction, thereby offering the ideal performance-resistance ratio independently of the desired efficiency level. Our triboelectric filtration media meet the most recent ASHRAE standards with a filtration performance ranging from MERV* 5 to MERV 13. They offer a microbial protection and can be pleated, laminated or surface-treated.

Personal Protection Mask

Masks (disposable, cartridge, etc.) must filter chemical particles, gases and other particles suspended in the air in order to fully protect their users, while restricting breathing as little as possible. These two objectives are at times difficult to reach with mechanical filtration. Triboelectric filtration then becomes the ideal choice for this application.


Thanks to our modeling system, we can identify the best solution among four possible efficiency grades, according to your specifications, the requested performance and industry regulations (NIOSH, European or other). In all cases Tribo products from Texel will offer you a component with superior performance.

* Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value