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Rainwater Management System

Driven by environmental and economic stakes due to increasing population density and the waterproofing of soils, rainwater management systems have been developed and are now used for the temporary retention of water in case of heavy rainfall. Systems such as Rainstore allow the temporary retention of these waters before their return to municipal systems in order to minimize peak effects after violent thunderstorms which exceed the natural drainage capacity of soils and existing standby systems.

Rainstore is a stackable tridimensional modular structure allowing the creation a space that is 94% empty in the ground where it can act as a temporary storage reservoir for rainwater while allowing the ground to preserve a good load-bearing capacity and thus ensure the passage of cars and trucks on its surface. Its recycled polyethylene composition makes it an inert element which can permanently resist chemicals present in the soil thus enabling it to retain its mechanical properties for the long term. To ensure structural integrity and an adequate load distribution over this buried reservoir, geotextiles and geogrids are installed below, over and all around the system.

Depending on the design criteria, the system can let the water return to the environment by natural percolation through the geotextile or it can be waterproofed and the outflow rate controlled by regulating valves dimensioned according to the discharge system to which it will be connected. Waterproofed systems can also be used to store and retain water in order to reuse it later in rainwater recycling activities such as watering in an urban setting.

Rainwater management systems go much further than simple storage systems and can be integrated in nature's ecosystem. For example, the construction of surface decorative ponds or filtering marshes fits in with the new sustainable development trend in landscape architecture. Our teams can give you advice and assist you in the selection, design and installation of these innovative solutions.