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Retaining Walls

Specialists in geosynthetic solutions, our teams have developed a specific expertise in the dimensioning and installation of geowalls based on geogrids and geotextiles. We can help you chose the best solution and evaluate the budget for your projects in addition to providing calculations, plans and products meeting your needs.

We offer two main systems for the construction of your retaining walls or the reinforcement of your berms: the SierraScape and Sierra Talus Végétal systems.

  • SierraScape: The SierraScape system is a geowall combining the use of metal screens, geogrids and geotextiles. Depending on the design and building criteria, this type of work can represent savings of 30 to 60% over traditional concrete walls while being as sturdy and resistant to wear over time. Available in different versions, SierraScape walls can have facade slopes of 45°, 60° and 85° with stone or green facades. The draining and the quality of the installation are determining factors for the durability of this type of work.
  • Sierra Talus Végétal: The Sierra Talus Végétal system of reinforced berm is a structure reinforced in particular with geogrids that allows an increase in slope and height of works compared with conventional berm building methods, thus reducing total building costs. The Sierra Talus Végétal system helps you create large reinforced berms bringing an environmental aspect to your geowall projects. The dimensioning of this type of work is customized according to measurements of the ground support, planned load criteria as well as taking into account the seismic security factor.

These specialized systems require a rigorous design and adequate installation in order to maximize their performance over time. Our teams are specialized in the installation of this type of work and therefore enable you to save time during installation while guaranteeing the quality of the finished work.

Our solutions meet the requirements of the most demanding projects and are certified for the Quebec Department of Transport.