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Waterproofing with Geomembranes

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Specialist in the installation of different types of geomembranes, Texel Geosol can meet your waterproofing needs in different fields of activities including:

  • Cells and covering of landfill sites for industrial or domestic waste;
  • Cells and residue sites for mining processes (metals);
  • Secondary waterproofing of oil product reservoir parks;
  • Water retention basins for domestic, industrial or agricultural use;
  • Road ditches and water pipes;
  • Waterproof covering of light highway fills;
  • And all other waterproofing needs.

Always at the leading edge of the technology, we have the most up-to-date equipment to ensure maximum waterproofing of your works and increased productivity. Our welding procedures include in particular:

  • Welding by fusion;
  • Welding by extrusion.

So as to ensure the quality of their work, our teams constantly perform quality control tests according to frequency rates established by the industry. The most frequent tests include:

  • Peeling tests;
  • Shearing tests;
  • Pressurization tests;
  • Vacuum box tests.

Our experts can offer you the best technical solutions whatever your project, while guaranteeing delivery deadlines and competitive prices. We are the only company in Canada offering geotextiles and geomembranes manufactured domestically and we are proud of it!