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Quality and Know-How

Aware of the many constraints applicable to building sites in the fields of civil engineering and environmental protection, Texel Geosol has succeeded in developing great flexibility and an approach adapted to its clients' needs over the years. Thanks to the size of our team and the equipment we have available, our project managers can rapidly adjust the allocation of resources according to your site's constraints and weather conditions. Satisfying our clients' needs is our priority and all efforts are deployed on a daily basis to supply you with adequate advice and to adjust our offer of services according to your daily needs.

Performance and Maximum Security

In order to ensure the reliability of a geosynthetic solution, it is essential that the products be installed by specialists. Texel Geosol can count on a thorough experience with the installation of polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other specialized geosynthetic products. Our personnel working on the installation of these solutions has been trained in installation techniques (IAGI) in order to have you benefit from the latest innovations in geosynthetic product installations. Over several years, our worksite personnel has installed several million square meters of geomembranes and other geosynthetic products in a multitude of projects in Quebec, Canada and around the world.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

As we are fully aware of the importance of OHS requirements for all our clients, and more specifically for those operating in the mining or oil industries, as well as for major corporations, we have developed an integrated OHS management program which enables us to deploy concrete actions to ensure we reach our zero-accident objective on worksites. Our employees periodically receive the appropriate training to enable them to perform their work in complete safety, even in the most difficult conditions. They have all the required OHS certifications. The company, for its part, has documentation and well-established procedures to meet the requirements of clients and of the most demanding OHS certification systems.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive documentation concerning our health and safety system. At Texel Geosol, the health, safety and wellness of our employees is more than a priority, it is a shared value at all levels of the organization.

Quality Control

We must take into account that even the best product available cannot perform better than the way in which it was installed, hence the importance of quality control at the worksite. At Texel Géosol, in order to obtain the best level of efficiency for all your projects, quality control begins with the rigorous follow-up of controls in place at our manufacturers and continues during the installation of the geosynthetic products on site. The evolution of the work and the tests performed are compiled and made available in the form of a report for the owner of the works and for the consultant once the work is completed.