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Texel launched its manufacturing activities on May 27, 1967 by producing blankets for beds. Starting in 1969, the company extended its activities into the manufacturing of felts, in particular for the shoe industry and quickly acquired large portions of the market in this sector.

In 1975, Texel became the first Canadian geotextile manufacturer. Over the years, it would develop a very large geotextile product line.

The company then sought out new niches, increasingly-sophisticated ones. For instance, today, it manufactures composite panels made of thermoformed non-woven fabrics for the automotive industry.

Here are the main stages of Texel's evolution over the past 50 years:

  • 1967 : Production of bed covers;
  • 1969 : Production of felt for shoe and technical clothing industries;
  • 1975 : Production of geotextile membranes (First Canadian Manufacturer);
  • 1980 : Production of filtering media and agrotextile membrane; 
  • 1987 : Acquisition by ADS, Texel becomes a division of ADS Inc;
  • 1993 : Creation of Solmax-Texel. Now Texel Geosol is specialized in distribution and installation of geosynthetic products;
  • 2001 : Acquisition of a warehouse in Sainte-Marie that was expanded to become the 2nd Texel plant in 2003;
  • 2006 : First incursion into the automotive industry (Nissan Altima);
  • 2007 : Acquisition of Beckwith Bemis in Sherbrooke, which will become the coated materials product line in 2010;
  • 2009 : ADS becomes a private company, Texel remains a division of ADS Inc;
  • 2012 : Restructuration of Geotextiles and Agrotextile platforms which become Geosynthetics and Horticulture platforms;
  • 2013 : Second expansion of the Saint-Marie plant, to receive a brand new production line (L10);
  • 2014 : The Automotive becomes a new product platform and restructuration of Coated Material platform;
  • 2015 : Integration of Texel Coated Materials through each platform;
  • 2016 : Acquisition of Texel by Lydall in July. Texel becomes Texel Technical Materials, Inc. and is now part of Lydall Technical Nonwovens.