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Saint-Elzéar, November 16, 2018 – Texel Technical Materials Inc. (“Texel”), a member of the Technical Nonwovens Division of Lydall, Inc. (“Lydall”), announces a $12 million investment to launch a new production line at its Sainte-Marie plant.

“This new line is a strategic initiative that will quickly meet our production needs to support profitable top line growth from our customers. The investment will be operational within 12 to 14 months,” said Guy Bérubé, vice president and general manager of Texel.

For many years now, Texel has experienced constant and stable growth filling the last production line installed in 2013. This new production line will be targeted for growth opportunities in all markets serviced by Texel. This investment will allow Texel to balance its production lines more effectively and maximize its productivity according to the technical capabilities of its equipment.

“This is a great vote of confidence for Texel from Lydall. This investment will have a positive impact on all our teams, and each and every one of our employees can be very proud to have contributed to the achievement of this project. It is therefore with great enthusiasm and pride that we welcome this news,” said Mr. Bérubé.

About Texel:

Founded in 1967, Texel is an integral part of the Technical Nonwovens Division of Lydall (NYSE: LDL) since July 2016. Texel is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of non-woven materials for technical use in North America. Texel’s products are marketed internationally through six market segments and two affiliated companies.