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Environmental Policy

Texel undertakes to respect a policy which consists of using means that actively contribute to protecting the environment.

Our environmental policy traces the main axes of our actions for the coming years and defines our commitments in terms of environmental management:


  • We operate our installations and execute our activities while aiming to minimize potential risks for the environment and the community.
  • We promote the ongoing improvement of our environmental performance insofar as the biophysical reality and human health are concerned while respecting applicable laws and regulations.
  • We continuously seek ways to reduce, reuse or recycle the waste we generate and, when necessary, eliminate it securely and responsibly.
  • We collaborate with government authorities in the search for environmental solutions specific to our activities and in the development of standards which are technically justified and cost effective.
  • We inform members of our Board of Directors and upper management of their environmental responsibilities in their respective field of activities.
  • We developed an environmental management system to provide our executives, managers, and employees with the management tools needed to protect the environment.
  • We periodically perform, according to recognized standards, an audit of the environmental compliance of our installations in order to measure the progress achieved and make provision for the appropriate preventive and corrective measures.
  • We evaluate potential environmental repercussions prior to any decision to acquire new installations or expand existing ones.
  • We raise the awareness of our managers and staff and train them so they can perform their activities in a manner respectful of the environment.
  • We encourage openness and dialogue between members of our staff and the neighboring populations regarding any issue linked to the environment, human health, and security.
  • We periodically report to the Board of directors on the results achieved with regards to our environmental performance.