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By concentrating exclusively on carding/needlepunch technology, Texel has developed complete mastery of production equipment specific to this non-woven fabric manufacturing method over the past 45 years. We are thus able to innovate in the use and transformation of different types of fibers thanks to our leading-edge understanding of the non-woven field, to the multiplicity of our equipment, and to the competence of our production teams.

Our advanced needling techniques enable us to manufacture non-woven fabrics in a very large range of weights, as light and airy as 70 g/m2 for medical applications to as dense and compact as 4,000 g/m2 for industrial applications such as high-density felts used during the cleaning stage in the production of metal spools.

In addition, we can assemble several layers - i.e. needle together from the top and/or from the bottom, several veils of different fibers, colors and/or densities depending on the desired functions of the end product. Our various finishing equipment can then add other properties to the fabric. We can also combine our film extrusion and coating capabilities with our capabilities in non-woven fabrics.

Our manufacturing capabilities of needled non-woven fabrics are virtually unlimited. You can give free rein to your imagination and discuss the feasibility of any of your projects with our representatives.

Our equipment is composed of eight production lines and twenty-two finishing machines, several of which are in line, used in the following transformation and finishing operations:

  • Carding / crosslapping / needlepunching;
  • Calendering;
  • Heat Set (three ovens, one dedicated for white products);
  • Padding;
  • Foam bonding;
  • Spraying;
  • Coating (many types);
  • Infrared heating;
  • Laminating (with flexible film);
  • Singeing;
  • Velour surface ("Dilour");
  • Glazing (eggshell finish);
  • Slitting;
  • Die cutting;
  • Sewing;
  • Printing;
  • Embossing;
  • Extrusion coating;
  • Kiss coating.

We invite you to view the Capabilities tab under our six market segments so as to acquaint yourself with the technical possibilities specific to each.