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Research and development

Texel owns its own mini pilot manufacturing and finishing lines - one for non-woven fabrics, the other for coated fabrics - and its own test laboratories, all equipped with modern and accurate test equipment, in addition to the monitoring and continuous measurement instruments used directly on all our production lines.

The project managers and technicians of our Research and Development Department thus have at their immediate disposal equipment enabling them to create fabrics from different fiber, resin or coating combinations, to test different types of fiber needling and/or binding, and to perform several trials and produce several samples before going into production on a large scale. In customized development mode, this flexibility provides great advantages for both parties, such as reducing development time.

These creative capabilities and skills, associated with the expertise of our process teams, make Texel the ideal partner for the development of your own innovative fabrics. This is one of the reasons large corporations such as 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Eaton Corporation, Medline, BASF, Helly Hensen or BMW, to name but a few, trust Texel to develop components that enter into the manufacturing of their own finished products.