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Texel – Head Office

Texel Technical Materials, Inc.
485, rue des Érables
Saint-Elzéar (Québec)
G0S 2J1 Canada

Tel.: 1-800-463-8929 (North America)
Tel.: 418-387-5910
Fax: 418-387-4326

[email protected]


For all inquiries regarding our products, distributors, sales representatives or sales agents, we invite you to look for the "Contacts" tab of every Market Segments main page or to contact directly the Business Unit Manager of the Market segtment(s) you are interested in.

Our Product Platforms:


Dario Grenier
Cell.: 418-576-8780; E-mail:
[email protected]


Alex Alexis
Tel.: 418-387-4801; Extension # 5353; Cell. : 418-576-8811; E-mail:
[email protected]


Jean Girard
Tel.: 418-387-4801; Extension # 5236; Cell.: 418-576-8634; E-mail: [email protected]


Louis Bouffard
Tel.: 418-387-4801; Extension # 5114; Cell.: 819-238-4422; E-mail: [email protected]

Coated Materials

Louis Bouffard
Tel.: 418-387-4801; Extension # 5114; Cell.: 819-238-4422; E-mail: [email protected]




Richard Faucher
Tel.: 418-387-4801; Extension # 5276; Cell.: 418-576-8544; E-mail: [email protected]


For all other general informations, please contact  Mr Faucher.

Richard Faucher
Sales Director, North America

Tel.: 1-800-463-8929 (North America)
Tel.: 418-387-4801 ext. 5276
Fax.: 418-387-4326
Cell.: 418-576-8544

[email protected]