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Market segments

Texel products are used either as a finished product, in civil engineering or horticulture for instance, or as a component of products manufactured by our clients mainly in the medical-wipes, filtration, industrial and automotive sectors.

So as to better meet the very diverse needs of our various clients, we have regrouped our product development and sales structure under six market segments. Our specialists in each of these segments are thus able to fully understand the specific expectations of each of our customers.

Texel Technical Materials, Inc. also owns 50% of Afitex Texel Geosynthetics Inc., a Franco-Canadian civil engineering firm specializing in drainage.

You will find below a short description of the applications covered by our six market segments and our afiliated company.

Corporate headquarters


One Colonial Road
Manchester, Connecticut

Affiliated Company

Designing, manufacturing and commercialization of synthetic materials mainly intended for civil engineering drainage markets.