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A quieter driving experience

Customers are beginning to make greater demands for quieter automobiles. As a result, car manufacturers strive more than ever to eliminate passenger compartment noise. Thanks to the advanced engineering capabilities of Texel with the ThermoFit technology, interior noise sources that was considered uncontrollable is now really addressed. With ThermoFit, nothing has been left unexplored when it comes to finding new ways to create a quieter driving experience.

Moldable Nonwovens. 

ThermoFit™ offers you an unprecedented variety of ways to innovate and deliver greater value. You can explore new ways to reduce interior noise. ThermoFit™ can be thermoformed into pretty much any three-dimensional shape. Simply preheat it, then shape it by applying pressure in a cold mold. Hot air is generally used for preheating, but another option is infrared heaters in a conveyor oven or on a rotary molding table. You can choose to have several different densities when molding.

ThermoFit™ can even be laminated with a variety of fabrics, other nonwovens, films and knittings. Your options are virtually unlimited.


Texel has a large portfolio of B and C scrims created specifically for unique functions and clients. Thanks to our careful selection of deniers, polymer types, needling energy and processing, Texel VersaFlex scrims meet and exceed the needs of the intended applications, whether needed for a barrier, handleability, draw, anti-slip, resiliency, or acoustics. Unlike spunlace, which is usually manufactured with a directional elongation, Texel's VersaFlex scrims exhibit multi-directional stretch capacities of enhanced wrinkle-free moldability.


Scrims are available in colors applicable to most automotive applications. For customers that use both white and black scrims for similar applications, Texel has developed our VersaflexTM scrim – black on one side and white on the other.