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Flat die thermoplastic extrusion.

Specialized coating applications.

Our CIPP division advantageously complements our five other product platforms by offering an additional array of options in the creation of technical fabrics. Whether via the technique of thermoplastic-film extrusion or that of coating, i.e. depositing a polymer (PP, PVC, TPU, HDPE, etc.) on a woven or non-woven substrate (Texel or other), the CIPP division has the capabilities to design, test and manufacture innovative fabrics for a multitude of applications.

Unique Combination of Expertise in Composite Fabrics

By combining all we have learnt from manufacturing a very large variety of non-woven fabrics with the numerous options provided by our extrusion and coating equipment, Texel offers a rare combination of expertise in the technical fabrics industry.

Mini Pilot Production Line

Our CIPP division has its own mini pilot production line and its own test laboratory. This allows us to perform numerous trials on a small scale by combining different substrates with various polymers according to pre-established "recipes" or not, then verifying the mechanical properties and performance of the composite fabric thus created, before launching into large-scale production.