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Civil Engineering / CIPP

A Winning Solution

Our capacity to produce geosynthetic fabrics associated with our coating capabilities have enabled us to offer turnkey composite products to the civil engineering market, by virtue of our vertically-integrated model, for over 20 years.


Trenchless Technology

Our polymer coatings offer a long-term solution to the water pipe deterioration problem in the rapidly-growing water distribution and sewer network rehabilitation sector (thanks to the trenchless technology commonly known as CIPP*). We serve this market by manufacturing coatings that are durable, smooth and corrosion-resistant and by applying them subsequently to non-woven fabrics.

Rad-FlexTM Technology

The lastest innovation in CIPP reinforced felt !
RAD-FLEXTM product sheet


Protective Sheeting for Manholes

Composed of a geotextile fabric coated with plastic (PVC) through the extrusion process, Tex-O-Flex is a composite fabric specially designed to reduce if not eliminate the effects of alternate freezing and thawing by sheeting and insulating concrete manholes. It also promotes drainage around the manhole during periods of thaw.

* CIPP: Cured-in-place pipe