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Floor Coverings

Contemporary Alternative

Our flexible PVC membrane is waterproof, highly-resistant and maintenance-free. This specialized composite fabric has been used for several years as floor covering in various residential, commercial and industrial markets. It offers a contemporary alternative to more traditional floor coverings and is used in a multitude of unusual applications.

Available in Several Versions

Our floor coverings are manufactured according to your specifications for width and coating thickness, and are available in several versions: non-woven substrate, woven polyester substrate or a double layer of coating on high-resistance polyester fabric. In addition to being attractive, our waterproof coverings feature a skid-resistant finish, and resistance to cold, ultraviolet rays and mold.

Some Applications

  • Boat and pontoon flooring;
  • Recreational vehicle flooring;
  • Quays;
  • Patios and terraces;
  • Solariums and verandas;
  • Around swimming pools, indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial;
  • Sheds and garages.