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Technical Clothing

Sports and the Outdoors

Our expertise in the creation, development and manufacturing of polymer films, reinforced films and composite products - such as plastic-coated wovens, non-wovens or knits - makes Texel the ideal partner for the sporting and outdoors technical clothing industry.

Designed according to the highest standards in terms of security, durability and comfort, our single- and double-layer technical fabrics are subjected to rigorous quality testing to ensure their resistance under all conditions.

Adapted Technical Components

Whether for waterproofing, resistance to bad weather, flexibility, durability or simply esthetics, our choice of polymers and reinforcements can be used as components in various areas in the design of sporting equipment.

Some Applications

  • Rain gear;
  • Protective clothing;
  • Shock-absorbing soles;
  • Components for skates;
  • Components for hiking boots;
  • Running shoes.