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Enhanced performance.

Air, liquid and bio-filtration.

For the past three decades, Texel has been developing and manufacturing mechanical and electrostatic filtration solutions which exceed the highest industry standards. The manufacturing quality of clean-room production lines, based on GMP* principles, and the performance consistency of all our filtering media enable you to offer the optimal product to meet your clients' most demanding requests. In addition, all our factories are silicon-free, a requirement of the liquid filtration market.

Worldwide Recognition

Our constant quest to offer the best filtering media, roll after roll, ensures your peace of mind. This work ethic is the corner stone upon which our excellent reputation around the world has been established!

Customized Development

Our team of R&D project managers and technicians is devoted to the development of customized products for our business partners from America, Europe and Asia. Our equipment, such as our mini pilot production line for needling and finishing, our test laboratory, and our clean-room production lines, give you the assurance of a high-quality filtration product which meets both the requirements of your industry and your own expectations.

* Good Manufacturing Practices