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Air filtration (HVAC, dust)

Mechanical Filtration

Texel is recognized around the world for its expertise in developing and manufacturing filtration media from non-woven fabrics. Our components may be used in heating and ventilation systems (HVAC), in air purifiers and in clean rooms. Our fabrics can be pleated and are available with or without support and as simple flat filters. Our mechanical filtration media meet the most recent ASHRAE standards with a filtration performance ranging from MERV* 5 to MERV 8.

Our Specialists at your Disposal

Our components are manufactured from polyester fibers, but other concepts can also be developed with different types of fibers such as polypropylene and aramide. Whatever your project, our Research and Development Department will always be available to support you in your search for the mechanical filtration solution best suited to your specific needs.

* Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value