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Other applications

Waste Water Treatment

The treatment of residential and commercial waste water can be achieved by bacterial digestion – an aerobic process called biofiltration – requiring an efficient growth support. The fibrous and open structure of our fabrics developed especially for this application is an ideal substrate for the growth of bacterial colonies. The concept has been tested in multiple trials and approved by several government authorities.

Medical Sector

Some of our filtration media are an integral part of blood filtration systems. In a field where the certification of a new product requires a protocol lasting several months, sometimes years, it is essential to work with a partner meeting all the industry's requirements. Our non-woven filtration media for medical use are manufactured in clean-room production lines specially designed according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) so as to eliminate any risk of contamination.

Press and Vacuum Filters

Our filtration media are the ideal solution for press or vacuum filter systems because the useful life of the filtration media is thereby maximized.


Our fabrics are also used in the composition of certain oil filters for the automotive sector.