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Freight and Logistics


General information on the transportation and logistics of Texel products - Geosynthetics:

The shipping and handling of Geosynthetic products has its challenges. For this reason, Texel is pleased to offer its expertise and look after all the transportation details for you.

Various transportation options available:

  • Closed trailers: Partial loads (LTL), 53ft full loads
  • Open trailers: 24ft to 40ft mini platforms, 48ft or 53ftstandard platforms
  • Intermodal transport: Sea or rail containers

If you have already selected your transportation company, it will be our pleasure to contact them to organize the transportation details. However, if you choose to handle the transportation arrangements on your own, we will be unable to coordinate the technical aspects of transport and will not be responsible for following up after delivery.

Transportation and/or cargo space request:

You can obtain a transportation and/or cargo space quote by communication with one of our customer service agents. This quote will allow you to obtain an estimate of transport costs, quantity by truck or space needed for your order. However, the very nature of our Geosynthetic products can generate variations in roll diameter. Consequently, this variation can influence the quantity that can be loaded on a truck. Your requests will be estimated based on the most recent load information available. Please be advised that actual quantities may vary greatly quantities estimated. Any request submitted to our Customer Service department will be answered by our Logistics team within a reasonable time based on the complexity, nature of the load and transport.

Client pick-up and equipment required:

As mentioned, you can arrange for the transportation of your orders. However, be reminded that you must arrive at our warehouses with the proper transportation equipment. A cargo space request can help determine the necessary equipment you will need. Please note that if you choose to make transportation arrangements on your own, we will be unable to follow up on your orders nor negotiate in the event of loss or damage to goods during transport. Your equipment must meet the following standards:

  • 53ft closed trailer (Dry box): A refrigerated trailer will reduce load capacity.
  • Mini plateforms: Load restraining devices must be provided by your carrier and depending on the selection made, the quantity of products loaded can vary widely.
  • Open trailers (48ft, 53ft or Bi-Train): A minimum of 16 poles is required for any load. The location of poles on the trailer or in a trailer equipped with an arrestor bed may reduce the load capacity. Low Bed, Step Deck, Drop Deck, Squelette, Double Drop and Fardier trailers will not be accepted by our Logistics team for safety reasons. Texel offers the possibility of purchasing poles if your transportation company makes a request in advance.
  • Rail container: Equipment provided by the CN or CP meets our criteria.
  • Sea container: Loading estimates are made for High Cube containers.

Scheduling an appointment:

Please note that an order confirmation must be received our Credit department before your merchandise will be picked up. Additionally, an appointment must be scheduled with the Logistics team before your shipments can be picked up our warehouses. Appointments must be respected to ensure the proper functioning of the business and to prevent unwanted wait times. Refer to the client's Carrier Appointment Policy.

Sainte-Marie Warehouse
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Boucherville Warehouse
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