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Geosynthetic materials.

Solutions for improved ground structure.

Renowned for its line of 100% Canadian geotextiles, Texel offers an expertise covering the full spectrum of geosynthetic solutions. Our Strategy consists of "helping you select the right solution whatever challenge the soil presents and guaranteeing optimal installation in order to ensure the durability of your works".

When you contact Texel's team of specialists, you can be assured of getting advice, products and service perfectly suited to your needs.

Creator and Manufacturer of Renowned Products since 1967

The largest Canadian geotextile manufacturer and a major player in the North-American market, Texel has succeeded in developing and maintaining its leadership as a manufacturer, distributor and installer of geosynthetic solutions since 1967. Texel's team of experts researches new solutions and continuously develops its line of products and services so as to offer you innovative geosynthetic solutions. Our products are also eligible for certain categories of LEED points. Over the years, Texel has thus become the reference in geosynthetic products.

More than a Product, a Range of Services

Whether you are a proprietor, designer or contractor, Texel's team of technical experts can help you through all stages of your civil engineering, environmental and landscape architecture projects:

  • Design: Research and development of solutions, design assistance, etc.;
  • Supply: Manufacturing and transformation, distribution, etc.;
  • Installation: Pre-manufacturing and assembly, deployment and installation on site, etc.;
  • Maintenance: Quality control, repair, etc.