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Industrial and Waste Management

Solutions to Minimize Cost and Environmental Impact

Building projects in the fields of industrial applications and waste management are, in addition to specific rejection and process conditions for each project, subject to regulatory and performance constraints presenting challenges both at the design and execution stages. With expertise acquired over the years in the fields of industrial applications and waste management, Texel's team of specialists can offer you:

  • A diversified range of products adapted to different design criteria offering concept and execution featuring maximum security;
  • Proven solutions meeting the highest environmental standards of government and other regulatory entities;
  • Quality control at the plant and on site allowing you to meet the requirements of estimates and site inspections from the start;
  • Stocks of products and numerous installation teams offering you flexibility in the execution of your works independently of contingencies on your sites.

Solutions for a Range of Applications

Our products and services can help you with your projects in the construction, repair and maintenance of various works involving industrial applications and waste management. Thanks to our geosynthetic expertise, we can help you with specific projects involving the following types of operations:

  • Landfill and composting;
  • Industrial production and transformation;
  • Agri-food production and transformation.