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Municipal and Landscape Architecture

Solutions to Help you Innovate within your Budget

Building projects in the fields of municipal infrastructure and landscape architecture are, in addition to regulatory and dimensioning conditions specific to each project, subject to cost optimization and quality constraints presenting challenges both at the design and execution stages. With expertise acquired over the years in the fields of municipal infrastructure and landscape architecture, Texel's team of specialists can offer you:

  • A team with a good understanding of your project's applications who can help you with selection and dimensioning in order to meet budgetary constraints and maximize your investment;
  • Products specific to the needs of cities and urban works covering conventional applications as well as the new green and sustainable development trends;
  • A network of service points and partners, present throughout de province, which allows regional procurement at your convenience combined with a diversified range of products for your industry;
  • Specified products, of a well-known brand that customers demand and that meet the highest quality standards;

Solutions for a Range of Applications

Our products and services can help you with your projects in the construction, repair and maintenance of various municipal infrastructures and landscape architecture projects. Thanks to our geosynthetic expertise, we can help you with specific projects involving the following infrastructures:

  • Streets, curbs, waterworks and sewers;
  • Green cities and buildings;
  • Parks and sports fields;
  • Residential projects including retail sales.