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Natural Resources and Energy

Solutions that Meet the Requirements of your Field

Infrastructure building projects in the fields of natural resources and energy are, in addition to the geographic and geotechnical specificities that apply to each project, subject to size and scheduling constraints requiring flexibility from your partners and leaving no room for error. With an international expertise acquired over the years in projects involving natural resources and energy, Texel's team of specialists can offer you:

  • Knowledge and experience in the most difficult environments guaranteeing respect of the most demanding schedules;
  • A team trained to respect the highest industry standards guaranteeing quality manufacturing and perfect installation from the start;
  • A major business with a large production capacity, a multitude of products in stock and logistics management ensuring flexibility to adapt to the needs of your industry;
  • A wide range of products which adapt to the specific environment of your projects allowing you to reach your goals independently of your technical constraints;

Solutions for a Range of Applications

Our products and services can help you with your projects in the construction, repair and maintenance of various infrastructures used in the extraction and transformation of natural resources and the production of energy. Thanks to our geosynthetic expertise, we can help you with your specific projects in the following areas:

  • Mining;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Forestry;
  • Hydraulic and wind energy.