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Roads and Transportation

Solutions that Respect your Budgets and Deadlines

Building projects in the field of roads and transportation are subject, in addition to soil conditions specific to each project, to deadline constraints and cost management imperatives presenting challenges both at the design and execution stages. With expertise acquired over the years in the field of roads and transportation, Texel's team of specialists can offer you:

  • Proven solutions promoting sustainable development and maximizing the lifespan of your works;
  • A customized product line allowing you to reduce total building costs;
  • Innovative solutions leading to a reduction of construction delays and the respect of schedules;
  • Innovative products allowing the execution of works even when soil conditions are at their most complex.

Solutions for a Range of Applications

Our products and services can help you with your projects in construction, repair and maintenance of various infrastructures pertaining to roads and transportation. Thanks to our geosynthetic expertise, we can help you with specific projects involving the following infrastructures:

  • Main and secondary road networks;
  • Bridges, overpasses, and tunnels;
  • Railway, port, and airport infrastructures.