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Geotextiles are permeable technical textiles made of synthetic fibers used in civil engineering, environmental and landscape architecture works to separate, filter, improve drainage, reinforce and distribute loads more evenly on soils and surfaces. They are permanent and insensitive to acids found in a natural state in soil which gives them a lifespan exceeding that of the works they protect.

Resistance table for various fibers

Main geotextile product lines



The Texel C Series brings together versatile geotextile products which, through their mechanical and hydraulic properties, optimizes the soil separation and filtration functions. These geotextiles are available in stock in a wide range of grades and formats. They can be used in many situations such as the construction of streets, roads, parking lots, shoreline, embankment stabilisation, etc. The Texel C Series is recognised for its quality and reliability. Texel C Orange Series carries the same good technical products as the Texel C Series with a bright orange color to give a signal and prevent further excavation below the orange geotextile.

Data sheets - TEXEL C SERIES

Product cut sheet - TEXEL C SERIES


Product cut sheet- TEXEL ORANGE C SERIES


The Texel E Series brings together geotextiles products which, through their physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties, optimizes the protection and drainage functions. These geotextiles are commonly used for environmental applications such as waterproofing geomembrane protection and for slopes, dykes and embankment protection. In containment applications, Texel E Series properties allow to substitute the sand and act as a local stress reduction layer to prevent or reduce the potential damage that could suffer another material layer.

Data sheets - TEXEL E SERIES

Product cut sheet - TEXEL E SERIES


The 76 Series counts a vast array of polyvalent geotextiles with mechanical and hydraulic properties especially adapted for separation and filtration applications. These geotextiles remain inert in their contact with chemical and biological agents naturally found in soils and possess a good resistance to UV rays. The 76 Series is comprised of performant, durable and adapted products for different civil engineering projects. The 7605, 7609 and 7612 geotextiles meet the MTQ requirements and are certified by the BNQ according to the BNQ 7009-210 standard for the following respective grades: F1, S1-F2 and S2-P1.

Data sheets - 76 SERIES


The 900 Series presents a large variety of polyvalent geotextiles with physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties adapted for protection applications (sealing systems, banks, etc.). These geotextiles remain inert in contact with chemical and biological agents naturally found in soils. The 900 Series consists of performant, durable and adapted products for different environmental and civil engineering projects. The 912 and 918 geotextiles meet the MTQ requirements and are certified by the BNQ according to the BNQ 7009-210 standard for the following respective grades: P2 and P3.

Data sheets - 900 SERIES


The F Series regroups various polyvalent geotextiles with physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties designed to filter fine and clays soils (D50<60 µm). The F Series is comprised of performant, durable and adapted products for different civil engineering works.

Data sheets - F SERIES

Product cut sheet - F SERIES


Filtex is a filtration geotextile made to reduce clogging of draining systems in domestic and industrial waste management plants.  The fiber processing and wide filtration pores of this product were specifically designed to prevent bacterial development and clogging of the geotextile and drain in a long term horizon.

Data sheet - FILTEX

Product cut sheet - FILTEX


The GEO-9 are reinforcing geocomposites made of 100% polypropylene resulting from he combination by needling of two géotextiles (one non-woven and one woven). These products combine properties of both technologies, optimizing reinforcement, separation filtration and drainage performance. Thanks to their versatility these products are an excellent solution for unusually soft infrastructure soils as well as for difficult worksite conditions. The GEO-9 meet MTQ requirements and are certified by the BNQ according to the BNQ 7009-210 standard for grade R1 and grade R2.

Data sheets - GEO-9 R1 and GEO-9 R2

Product cut sheet - GEO-9



Tex-Cure is a product designed to ensure better control of the curing of horizontal concrete surfaces such as the decks of bridges and overpasses. The use of this product to cover this type of work during the curing period provides a smoother and harder surface with a higher resistance to the attacks of water and de-icing salts. The works thus constructed will survive longer to the numerous freeze-thaw cycles which occur during the winter. TEX-CURE is compliant with standard CCDG-3501 from the Quebec Department of Transport.

Data sheet - TEX-CURE

Product cut sheet - TEX-CURE


Geo-Reflec was developed for use as an interlayer bond breaker. Thanks to its physical and hydraulic properties, this product can prevent crack reflection while also allowing water to drain off. Its manufacturing process is such that it maintains its thickness and transmissivity even under severe constraints. Furthermore, Geo-Reflec is available in black and white to ensure better temperature control for the surface receiving the concrete.

Data sheet - GEO-REFLEC

Product cut sheet- GEO-REFLEC



The Pavetex series of geotextiles have been optimized for use as paving fabrics. Paving fabrics are nonwoven, needlepunched polypropylene fabrics that improve pavement performance and extend the pavement lifecycle. Paving fabrics act as a waterproofing and stress relieving membrane within the pavement structure. You can trust Texel’s Pavetex series to meet AASHTO M-288 specification requirements and more.

Data sheets - PAVETEX

Product cut sheet - PAVETEX



The SX Series includes several woven géotextiles with different manufacturing processes. These géotextiles are specially designed to perform the function of reinforcement, filtration, or a combination of reinforcement and filtration, Under structures with high mechanical loads. Due to their specific manufacturing process, woven geotextile have high mechanical strength, low elongation and filtration capacity to limit the development of rutting in reinforcement and filtration applications.


Product cut sheet - SX SERIES



Geoconduct is a conductive geotextile used under geomembranes to ensure the electric discharge required for electrically-controlled leak-detection operations. Under particular conditions, electrically-controlled leak detection becomes impossible because of the insulation provided by the geomembrane layer, in which case, the addition of this type of conductive geotextile becomes necessary. Leak detection is used in several fields to check waterproofing during installation or permanently installed in waterproof works. Among the most common applications for this type of products are landfills, chemical product storage basins and roofs.

Product cut sheet - GEOCONDUCT


Texel Geo-Absorb is an oil absorption product that has been tested for 10W-30 motor oil absorption. The results of these tests allow users to make the right choice to protect the environment, whether for controlling daily drips or containing a spill. Geo-Absorb’s physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties have been optimized for effective protection, even on uneven surfaces.

Product cut sheet- GEO-ABSORB

Data sheet- GEO-ABSORB


Geopure is a non-woven needled geotextile specifically developed for use in the leaching portions of septic installations (leach or disposal fields) in order to achieve separation between clean stone or sand and the natural soil surrounding the treatment system. Made from decomposition-resistant synthetic materials, Geopure features mechanical resistance and permeability better adapted to this application than conventional solutions made of blotting paper.

Data sheet - GEOPURE

Product cut sheet - GEOPURE


When placed on a sloped surface, COMPOSTEX composting covers shed up to 100% of rainfall and snowmelt, thereby preventing excess moisture levels in active, curing, and/or finished compost. Helping to ensure optimal moisture levels, COMPOSTEX thereby optimizes and accelerates the composting process, and helps to achieve a higher quality finished product. Fabricated using premium, UV-protected polypropylene fibers, this needle-punched non-woven fabric is completely permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Data sheet - COMPOSTEX

Product cut sheet - COMPOSTEX


Green Roof

Texel offers a complete line of geosynthetics designed for green roofs and walls. These products satisfy numerous mechanical and hydraulic requirements within the green infrastructure solution. The products can be sized to suit the specific requirements of planting systems and apply to intensive as well as extensive green roofs. Our solutions foster the reduction of roof loads as well as stronger plant growth,thereby allowing the designer to offer a top-performing system at a lower cost.

Product cut sheet - GREEN ROOF