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Texel Horticulture understands the realities of horticultural production. Water and plants are two elements that we know well. Beyond its capabilities for basic non-woven fabric production, Texel also has extended transformation and finishing capabilities through industrial processes that modify the nature and the characteristics of the fabric according to properties or functions often required in horticultural production such as:

  • Water absorbency
  • Water repellency
  • Water retention
  • Capillary uptake
  • Root control
  • Aeration
  • Filtration
  • Protection
  • Drainage
  • Separation

Our Capabilities

  • Carding/needling of synthetic fibers such as polyester, polypropylene or PLA, or natural fibers such as kenaf, wool or viscose, or a combination of different types of fibers;
  • Weight from light (100 g/m2) to heavy (1,500 g/m2 or more);
  • Large selection of fiber colors (white, black, grey, green, etc.);
  • Multilayer assembly of various types of fibers and/or different weights and/or different colors according to final product requirements;
  • Mini pilot production line for trials, tests and sampling;
  • Test and measurement laboratory on location;
  • Finished fabrics shipped in various formats (rolls, sheets, cut, sewn);
  • Coating: lamination, polymer film extrusion;
  • Various surface finishes: velour, eggshell, etc.