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Root and Weed Control

Patented Technology

Tex-R® membranes are composed of a Texel non-woven fabric of superior quality combined with a SpinOut® coating. This patented technology is available in the form of different products for use in the production of trees, plants, in growing beds, pots-in-pots, as well as in selling areas or in-ground production zones. All these products are geared to maximizing your productivity.

Root Control

On contact with the Tex-R membrane, the roots of the young plant go dormant and thus stop developing. Rather than expanding uncontrollably outside the container, the root system grows stronger within its allocated growing space.

Weed Control

Tex-R technology is also particularly effective in preventing the growth of weeds on the surface of a production container. Since the costs of weeding (manual or chemical) directly affect productivity, Tex-R products quickly prove to be a worthwhile investment.