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Water Management

Substantial Labor Savings

Our capillary mats have been specifically designed to considerably reduce the time normally allocated to manual watering, whether in nurseries, in greenhouses or even garden centers.

Thanks to the water absorption and dispersion properties of Bench Matting® capillary mats, plants are irrigated uniformly over the entire growing surface. In addition, capillary mats help limit the growth of algae and the propagation of disease. Our products can be used independently or in combination with other irrigation systems.

Savings in Water and Fertilizers

When watering manually or with sprinklers, a larger quantity of water and soluble fertilizers falls between pots. Our products absorb this water which would otherwise be lost and redistributes it effectively to the plants by capillarity.

Ease of Installation

The setting up of Bench Matting capillary mats is easy and requires very little preparation of the ground, production tables or staging areas in garden centers.