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Advanced engineering capabilities.

Unlimited industrial application.

The Industrial Platform works with clients to identify and develop new technologies with which to pursue new business opportunities. We work across a diverse range of technologies and sectors. We combine commercial, intellectual property and technology development skills with real world experience, assisting our clients to accelerate their innovation activities, solving technology challenges and getting product innovations launched faster.

A well experienced team

Our multidisciplinary team of business specialists and engineers brings years of hands on experience with all aspects of innovation. The team has broad senior level, technical, industrial and commercial expertise. This is coupled with significant project management and delivery experience ranging from large automotive to small entrepreneur contracts. This mix of skills and experience allows Texel to offer a uniquely creative approach to technology development.

We deliver solutions

The industrial plateform offers an experience that confers a tangible value added to our solutions. Whether it be for an existing product or a customized development, Texel guarantees you optimal performance on all levels. We deliver solutions for different industries such as; automotive, appliance, metal industry, footwear products, mattress industry, building and roofing.