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General Characteristics of our Products for the Medical-Wipes Platform:

  • Customized surface finish along a soft-to-rough continuum;
  • Well-controlled absorption capacity meeting specifications;
  • Optimized fluid retention capacity;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Low fiber loosening, minimal bunching;
  • Uniformity from one production to the next.

Our Capabilities:

  • Dedicated impregnation and thermosetting production line: Clean-room oven with four drying areas, stainless steel lining (OSHA compliant) and precision temperature control;
  • Dip-and-nip coating technique;
  • Wide density range: 70-650 g/m2;
  • Blend of several types of fibers: synthetic, biodegradable, polyester, polypropylene, PLA, viscose, bamboo;
  • White or colored fibers or a blend of the two;
  • Multilayer assembly possible;
  • Dedicated impregnation production line for the addition of antimicrobial products, soap or other water-based products;
  • Coating: lamination, polymer-film extrusion;
  • Various surface finishes: velour, eggshell, etc.;
  • Products shipped in the form of rolls ready for transformation, precut or pre-wrapped.