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Diversified solutions.

Medical, cosmetics and personal care.

In order to meet the demanding standards of the health sector, Texel has at its disposal several dedicated and specially-equipped clean-room production lines for this sector (with metal and whiteness/cleanliness detectors, in particular). Our clean-room manufacturing of non-woven fabrics is based on the principles of the GMP* standard and guarantees delivery of compliant high-quality products at all times. Our customers in the medical field regularly visit our installations and thus can discover for themselves our capabilities and our rigorous quality control systems.

Developing Products Geared to the Intended Market

Taking into account the main criteria of absorption and dispersion, antibacterial protection, texture, softness, color and cost, our technicians and project managers who specialize in the health sector will work with you to identify the best blend of fibers (types, size, length), the best weight (from 70 to 650 g/m2) and the best needling density to design the best product for your intended consumer or institutional market.

Mini Pilot Production Line and Test Laboratory

Our mini needling and finishing pilot production line allows us to undertake several tests and produce several samples, which speeds up the development of the final product while keeping production lines free. Our test laboratory is equipped with highly-accurate, state-of-the-art instruments. It is used both for prototype development and in production mode. As a result, the product we deliver will always comply with required specifications and performance criteria.

* Good Manufacturing Practices