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Household or commercial cleaning

Almost Unlimited Capabilities

Our production equipment has the capacity to manufacture non-woven fabrics carefully designed for use as the main component of household or commercial cleaning wipes. We can work with a multitude of criteria (type of fibers, denier and fiber length, weight, needling density, finishing, etc.) in order to design a product that is absorbent and soft, or more or less abrasive, depending on the specific performance sought after.

Multilayer Products

We can also manufacture composite products (multilayered) having different characteristics and textures on both sides – a soft surface and a more abrasive one for instance – and in different colors if so desired. One product with two functions.

Cleaning Wipes with an Antibacterial Agent

Our current offer of non-woven fabrics for cleaning wipes is available in different versions, ranging from 70 to 650 g/m2, white or colored, and in a large variety of finishes depending on the application. We can also add an antibacterial agent or even a soap formula to our own substrates or act as a subcontractor and work on a substrate provided by our client.