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Personal care

Regardless of the Intended Consumer Market

Whether intended to exfoliate, clean, invigorate or hydrate, we can supply the market with personal care products, such as cleaning and make-up removal towelettes, by adapting a standard non-woven fabric, or developing a new one designed for a specific application or consumer market.

Working in Partnership with the Entire Supply Chain

We work in partnership with businesses that transform our fabrics or market finished products in order to introduce innovative fabrics to the industry. Our expertise as well as our manufacturing and finishing capabilities in the area of non-woven fabrics enable us to explore new opportunities with our clients to respond to the needs and trends of intended markets.

Cleansing Towelettes

Our wide range of non-woven fabrics, specifically designed for cleansing and hydrating towelettes, fully meets the industry's absorption and softness criteria, and can also fill antibacterial and antimicrobial needs when required.