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Products for institutions

The ideal "absorption capacity/weight/volume" ratio.

Non-woven fabrics are ideal in hospital settings because of their fluid retention and dispersion properties, in particular as the main component for quilted fabrics and all incontinence products.

The non-woven fabrics we develop for institutions, such as for bandages and dressings, also feature low fiber loosening (bunching), a welcome characteristic for patients as well as for medical staff.

Disposable or Durable Absorbent Products

In the field of absorbent products, over the past few years, we have developed a multitude of non-woven fabrics with different weights (up to 650 g/m2), fiber blends and finish types which are already used in numerous applications in health institutions. In all cases, the goal is to optimize the "absorption capacity/weight/volume" ratio.

Disposable Washcloths

We provide the industry with a wide range of non-woven fabrics for the manufacturing of disposable washcloths, from the thinnest to the thickest, as well as fabrics that are very resistant, even non-tearable, with or without antibacterial agents, in rolls or in precut format.