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Other Industrial Applications

Multiple technologies

Texel offers more than a needlepunch product. We have the capabilities to impregnate non-woven materials with a variety of chemical such as fire retardant, acrylic bonding, water repellant treatment and thermosets resins. We can also make calendar treatment inline or offline. We can also create composite materials such as multilayer products by lamination or by mechanical bonding. If you would like to combine 2, 3, 4 or even 5 different layers of non-woven materials, fabrics, foam all together, we have the equipments, expertise and capabilities to do so.

Large range of fibres

The wide range variety of fibers that we internally use allows you to bring your project further. To speciality fibres such as Kevlar™, Nomex™, PAN, BASOFIL™. Natural Fibers, such as Kenaf and wool allows you to create biocomposite. Of course the use of regular fibre like polyester, polypropylene, low melt fibres, PETG and viscose is always available.

Our ECODUO™ concept allows the use of recycled fibrer, from post industrial and post consumer. We could also use regenerate polyester. This concept can reduce the cost of the project, and may help you reuse products that were intended to waste site.